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About the Academy

The IOWA ACADEMY OF TRIAL LAWYERS is a voluntary association of practicing lawyers formed to:
      • Gain greater proficiency and effectiveness in the pleading, trial, and general handling of all forms of litigation;
      • Secure modern, realistic & adequate compensation for injured persons & survivors;
     Educate Iowa lawyers in the handling of trials & litigation during an annual seminar;
     •  Sponsor, promote, & encourage improvement in jurisprudence which will protect the interests and rights of the parties in litigation;
     •  Foster any activity which will advance the legitimate objectives of its members in the practice of law.


Membership in the IOWA ACADEMY OF TRIAL LAWYERS is by invitation only, upon sponsorship and recommendation from peers and judges and unanimous approval by the Board of Governors. Membership is limited to 250 attorneyswho have displayed exceptional skills and the highest integrity, and who have dedicated their professional lives primarily to trial practice.

Any trial lawyer who maintains an office and an active practice, and who regularly appears as trial counsel in the Courts of the State of Iowa and who is a member in good standing of the Bar of the State of Iowa, shall be eligible for membership subject to compliance with the By-Laws. Each candidate for membership shall be nominated by a member in good standing of this association, but such candidate shall not become a member until his membership has been approved by a membership committee and after notice to the membership as provided by the By-Laws.


To the trial lawyers of Iowa, who spend their professional lives seeking substantial justice for all, these pages are dedicated in a reaffirmation of our sincere faith that never, for lack of professional hearts and brains, shall the scales of justice be weighed against any man... [Fall 1962]


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